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Selling Your Used Restaurant Equipment

If you happen to be a restaurant owner, there might come a time when for one reason or another you might need to sell some of your used restaurant equipment. You might be closing down a restaurant or you are replacing the old equipment with newer upgrades. Of course you are going to want to get a fairly good price for your used equipment, especially if the items are top of the line. There are variety of ways you can sell your items.

One thing you can do is to advertise the used restaurant equipment on different websites like eBay, Amazon or even on craigslist. This is going to give your listing the widest range of exposure possible for your used items. You may also want to put advertisements in magazines and other publications that might relate to the restaurant industry. Go to regional hotels and restaurant associations along with restaurant supply or restaurant equipment supply associations. The the members of these associations know you are looking to sell your old equipment. You might find buyers connected to these different associations.

Do a search for those websites that specialize in selling used restaurant equipment. These are the types of websites that will let you reach the exact target audience you are looking for and it will enable you to do so more quickly. A couple of good sites for this are Double Take Auctions and Equippers.

You can also find retail dealers that work with used restaurant equipment. Such retailers that you might be able to contact who might be willing to buy your items are Pierce Food Service Equipment, Restaurant Equipment World, AcityDiscount and ABC Restaurant, just to name a few.

When you sell your equipment to resellers it is going to reduce the time and your effort involved in the online selling or the posting of advertisements. You can contact a dealer and then give them a description of your products, the models they are and the type of condition they are in. You will also be able to take your equipment right to the dealer's warehouse or you might even be able to have someone come to visit you at your restaurant to evaluate your used restaurant equipment and then you might be able to negotiate a price right then and there.

It's important that you contact more than one of these retailers and then pick the one that offers you the best possible price for your items. You can use your telephone directory, go online and search for a listing of retailers, talk with friends or fellow business owners who might have reliable retail contact they can recommend to you.

It's important that when you talk with these dealers that you inquire about their experience in this field and make sure that you get some customer references. When you get these references, make sure that you follow through by actually calling them.

You can also use this experience by building a contact list of people who just might be interested in buying used restaurant equipment at a later date should you ever need to see more equipment. This way you will have a list ready for you the next time you are selling equipment.

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