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Getting Health Insurance When You Need it Fast

There may be a number of reasons why someone might find themselves without any health insurance. One could be that where they work doesn't offer it or they have lost their job and they will soon no longer have the insurance. Although most jobs will allow you to keep your insurance you have through you job, it's only for a certain amount of time and generally it is extremely expensive. So you will need to be able to find some insurance as soon as you can so that you are not caught in a situation without it.

One of the quickest ways to check on health insurance and to get yourself some quotes and see if you can manage to include it in your financial management plans, is to go online to the different companies that offer policies. It's a good idea to find those sites that are going to allow you to compare a variety of different quotes from different kinds of policies so that you can see what might be the best value for your personal situation.

Once you have done this you will need to compare the different quotes that different companies have to offer. Sometimes it seems easier and is also very tempting to pick the first company that offers the cheapest monthly payments. However, it's not always a good idea for you to pick a company based solely on their price alone. You should also make sure to see how much the deductibles are and the amount of money out of pocket you will need to put out each year. Is the deductible too high and also you need to know if the policy has a coinsurance and a certain percentage you need to pay even after the deductible. Low monthly payments mean nothing if in the end you still can't afford to pay for your treatments when you are sick.

Make sure that you see what each policy covers. For instance you might be surprised what a policy does not cover if you are getting insurance just for yourself. One example is for a woman who may be single and may need maternity care but you might find on a single policy that there is no coverage for this. You need to be very careful when you read each policy.

After you have found the policy that you think suits your needs and one that you can afford you can then just fill out the application that most companies will offer online. Make sure that you have all of your medical records handy because you will need to fill in as much information as you can about your medical history in order to be considered for the insurance.

Once you have sent in the application they will generally want to have a follow up with you in person to make sure that they have all of the information about you correct. They may ask to see copies of your past medical records and if you don't have a copy don't be surprised to find yourself being asked a bunch of questions about every doctor visit, every hospital visit and every drug you have been on for the past five to ten years.

Once they have qualified you the best way to get your insurance started quickly is to either send in a payment with your credit card online or over the phone. Often times by doing it this way you will have your coverage within a week.

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