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How to Watch Live TV on your Windows Computer

While the cable companies and digital TV providers keep on their toes in order to keep up with the technologies, they will lose to the capability of the world wide web every time. Not only do these companies have huge overhead expenses, they need to make very large investments in order to keep up to date giving audiences what they want. In modern society that is not very easy, because the interest of people goes beyond national TV and with more and more people working flexible hours, tuning in right on time for your favorite show sometimes just isn’t possible.

On your computer however, you can tap into the world wide web and have no boundaries on your media-consuming behavior, because there are a variety of options and choices. You can choose to tune in on time for your favorite show to watch it live or you can choose to watch it on the weekend when you really have the time to enjoy it. How can you make these resources available for yourself? Well, just log on to the web and start to explore.

Especially for computers running on Windows, there is a huge variety of choices. The process begins by asking yourself if you are willing to pay for the services provided. If the answer is yes, you can research your possibilities in TV tuner cards or USB tuner cards. They basically both work the same but the difference is that a TV tuner card can only be used on a desktop computer and the USB tuner cards can also be used on a laptop computer.

If the answer to the “willing to pay” question is a big fat no, there still are a lot of possibilities to watch TV on your Windows computer for free. One of the options is to simply visit the websites of major TV channels like NBC or ABC and browse your way through the programs that are available. It really is not much different from viewing on your television. (Although they may archive some recent shows which you may have missed, we are discussing Live TV here). Of course, this can come in very handy if your television is broken and you need to see what's being broadcast right now!

The real difference is with software programs or website services which provide you with the possibility to watch TV live from over 3500 TV channels from all over the world. From China to Africa and from Russia to Australia, there is not a country missing. You can either choose to download a software program which allows you to navigate from your own computer or you can choose to use a website service where you can make your choices on the website.

Keep in mind to always do some research on the services you are planning to use, so you can be sure that you are making the right choice. There are many review sites and forums on these, so Google it and get on with it!

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